Hello World!

JayBee here (Jennifer Beasley that is) and I am still in awe of all of the exciting changes happening in my life.  This journey has been a rollercoaster and now I am finally able to share with the world all of the gifts that I've been blessed with.  Not too bad for a young girl from Compton, huh?

I was raised in the beautiful CPT, dancing and singing in the mirror, longing for a life full of creativity and art.  Once I graduated from King Drew Medical Magnet High School, I felt that I finally had my chance to glow and started my journey at California State University, Long Beach.  In college I realized how vibrant, creative and expressive I could be and really took the bull the horns.  

I grew so much in music, hosting and eventually in fashion and found work with some of the most major apparel retailers in the country.  I even was a dancer for the Long Beach Football League.

Unfortunately life took an unexpected turn and in 2013, I was diagnosed with stage _ Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I was sick and I had to decide what was important to me.  I underwent chemo and blood transfusions and eventually an experimental treatment that worked!  I am now in remission but the journey with cancer is far from over.  

Now I feel I owe it to myself to live my life to the fullest.  I accept my skills and the gifts that I've been given, from music to fashion, and now the gift of experience.  My journey has awarded me a new desire to succeed and reach my goals.  I share that desire with others and encourage them reach for the stars. 

Now watch me reach for mine!  I am excited to continue my journey in fashion by debuting my consulting and styling services.  I'm even more excited about all of the inspirational speaking events I have been to.  I am honored to pour into the next generation, giving them a sense of hope and pride.  Lastly, I am a candidate for the 2016 Miss Compton pageant and I am thrilled to show the world how far I can go, how big I can be and how I am inspired and intend to live my life as an inspiration to others.  I look forward to living in the moment and I pray those moments surpass any happiness I've ever known.  Bless.